Hydrangea Pink Panther 30 stems per Box

Hydrangea Pink Panther 30 stems per Box

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30 stems Hydrangea Pink Panther


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  • Terms & Conditions

    -Tropical Roses recommends choosing a delivery date 2-3 days before your event

    - All sales are final. Cancellations/reschedulings can be made up to 8 days before the pickup/delivery date and store credit will be applied to your account if necessary. Refunds will be given if the product arrives in poor conditions or does not arrive on time for the pickup/delivery date and the customer decides to choose the refund option. 

    -Shipping costs are calculated for areas within 30 miles of tropical roses' location. Any locations further than 30 miles are subject to additional shipping/delivery charges.

    -Your order will be imported just directly from farms in South and Central America just for you! This allows us to guarantee that you will get the best possible quality and the lowest prices. 

  • Tropical Roses

    • Our flowers are grown on farms throughout Central and South America, and are directly imported to us here in Georgia!
    • We ensure the highest quality of flowers is delivered to us and are in turn offered to our clients!
    • We only carry the freshest products possible, and will never sell you old inventory. Period.
    • With farms in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Europe, we are able to offer our inventory year-round!